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Frequently Asked Questions

How are representatives of various religions and denominations treated in Azerbaijan?

Azerbaijan is a secular state, while the majority of native population here is practicing Islam. However, Azerbaijanis are known for more than a tolerant attitude towards representatives of all the religions, confessions, nationalities and cultures. Orthodox and catholic churches, congregations and synagogues are open and active in the city of Baku and the country’s regions.

Is it possible to use foreign currency at Azerbaijani hotels, shops and food courts?

The official currency in Azerbaijan is the “manat”, and all the settlements and payments on the country’s territory are implemented in the national currency. However, you can exchange the money upon arrival at the airport, or any branches of banks. Also, you shall be able to withdraw cash in the local currency by means of the ATM machines, widely available at all the residential areas.

Cards of international Visa and MasterCard payment systems are accepted at the majority of large commercial and retail facilities.

How do I minimise the vacation price?

Most of the people suppose that they can directly get the cheapest prices from hotels, transportation and guide services, and restaurants. But to consider a collaborative business in between travel agencies and those organisations actually decreases those prices for end customers.

On the other side, we as a travel agency propose our best services in order to gain the satisfaction of the customers, as well as, provide our support during ongoing tours. In this sense, there is no way that the customers can have any complaints about us.

Should I print out a hard copy of flight booking?

Based on our experiences, travelers generally do not need to print out their flight booking, however, conditions are changeable according to the rules and regulations of airway company and also a country. Mostly, there is no need for printing it out, even though a few countries do the check-in process in malls as demonstrating the alleviation of processes for end customers.

How easy is the Azerbaijani Visa process?

In the last decade, the government of Azerbaijan has simplified visa processes to begin the touristic flow into the country. The purpose has somehow been achieved that it is inevitable to see an immense number of tourists in the city center of Baku, as well as, in the regions. Asan Visa is created for the reason of transferring visa processes to the easiness that visitors can obtain their visas with standard or quickened ways. The time distance is 3 hours for quickened visa process and 3 working days for the standard one.